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About Dare To Question

Thank you for your courage and curiosity in considering the information contained in this book. Your willingness to open yourself to this information is a gift to your family.

You might ask what my intention is in writing this book. The answer is – I want you to be as informed as possible about the medical practice of vaccination. I also want to defend your right to informed consent.

I appreciate there may be some nervousness in considering this information. We’ve been, dare I say, indoctrinated into a belief that vaccines are safe and effective; the benefits outweigh the risks; there is a social responsibility to vaccinate; and that without vaccines our children’s lives would be at risk.

Our love and desire to protect our children make it exceedingly difficult to consider ideas we’ve been told will cause significant injury or even the death of our children.

Regretfully, I came to the information in this book too late for my son and my family. I want better for you and your family. I want you to be informed, aware, and a parent who consciously chooses what is in your children’s best interest.

But first you must ‘dare to question’ everything you’ve been told about the practice of artificial immune stimulation. Are you willing? It is my wish that this information assist you in making a conscious choice for you and your family.

The absence of real scientific evidence of vaccine safety and effectiveness leads informed parents to conclude the vaccination paradigm is ideology rather than evidence-based medicine; and more akin to religion than science.

Parents whose children have been harmed are no longer accepting the vaccine ideology on faith.

Their trust has been broken.

What if what we’ve been told isn’t true? What if the science doesn’t support mass universal vaccination? What if the medical community is not in unanimous agreement about the safety, effectiveness and need for vaccinations? What if the efforts to impose mandatory vaccination are motivated by financial interests rather than improved health?

What if the growing epidemic of chronic illness, immune and neurological injury, and sudden infant death are a result of the massive increase in the number of vaccines our children are exposed to?

What if vaccinated children are not healthier than unvaccinated children? ~ Ted Kuntz

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About The Author

Ted Kuntz is a father, a medical choice activist, author and educator. Kuntz’s journey to examine the claims of the vaccine industry began after his son Joshua was neurologically injured by the diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus shot (DPT) in 1984.

Kuntz began a journey to understand what happened to his son. This journey revealed that the vaccine industry has been systematically and intentionally dishonest with health consumers on the safety, effectiveness and necessity of vaccinations.

Kuntz believes the organized and intentional effort to deny citizens their right to make medical decisions for themselves and their children is the greatest threat to humanity today. If we lose the capacity for choice over what is injected into ourselves and our children, if we lose our self-autonomy and bodily integrity, then we are no longer free citizens.

Protecting medical choice and demanding honesty, integrity and accountability in the vaccine industry have become the most important issues in Kuntz’s life.

Ted Kuntz is the author of ‘Peace Begins With Me’ and ‘How Can I Wake Up When I Don’t Know I’m Asleep?’ Kuntz is a member of the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada and Health Action Network Society.

Kuntz’s son Josh passed away in February 2017 after a life of uncontrolled seizures and diminished capacity due to vaccine induced neurological injury.


Read What Parents Are Saying About Dare to Question

“I doubt there is a clearer, more concise, honest discourse from a parent about the vaccine industry and parents' significant vaccine concerns. I have hope, from your well-written, concise, and honest investigations into the realities of the out of control vaccine industry, that parents will not be broken by the propaganda and vaccine bullying they are experiencing in their schools - where corporate agendas should not be by-passing parental concerns for the health and safety of their children.

We must all "Dare to Believe" that parents must be and will be the force to make the vaccine industry safe for all infants and children - parents must continue to rally, as they have already begun to take to the streets, globally, to protect their most precious of resources - their children.

Bravo! Ted Kuntz, and thank you.”

- Catherine Elcombe

“I feel privileged to be one of a few people who had (I won’t say pleasure) an opportunity to read it. I cannot wait for its publication, because every day it goes unpublished is a waste of time. Not only is it comprehensive but you dealt with every single aspect of this demonic panacea.It is a great manual of common sense. You are what we consider a true intellectual. An expert on the vaccine subject and a parent of a child lost to this crime. Mine is still alive, but the quality of life spent in a residential treatment as of this June is a replica of life. I was hopeful I will eradicate/ameliorate it, but, as you have mentioned a couple of times, it is irreversible and the animal cells remain there forever.Your book vocalizes the thoughts, sentiments, suspicions, speculations, fears of millions, except you are the one who put it so eloquently. You have also proven every single point with strong scientific and empirical arguments.

Bravo! Again, I cannot wait for it to reach wider audiences. Respectfully,”

- J. Radoman, Toronto

“Dare to Question is a clear, concise inquiry, an antidote to the betrayal of science, which engages the reader to ask simple yet important questions.

The Vaccine paradigm is not only broken, but one which is leading us down a path to our own demise. We must learn to dare again, and to restore what is left of our inalienable health freedom.

That process of rebuilding begins with questioning our doctors, questioning the science on vaccines, and holding our heads high in these contentious times of universal deceit.”

- Joel Lord, Founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement

This book is a fabulous addition to the growing collection of books that dare to speak the truth about vaccines. This is a must-read for anyone with young children, especially anyone who continues to have blind faith in their pediatrician's recommendation concerning the vaccine schedule. The writing style is entertaining and very accessible to the non-expert, and multiple aspects of the complex issues surrounding vaccines are addressed. I especially like the chapter that explains the brainwashing techniques that are used by the pharmaceutical industry to keep parents in the dark. The book provides a detailed account of the multitude of toxic chemicals in the vaccines, the lack of long-term effectiveness, the fact that vaccines can impair your general immunity, and the fact that infectious diseases can strengthen it. It also becomes clear that you are playing Russian roulette every time your child receives a vaccine, and that there's a real danger that they could become permanently disabled. It offers practical advice on how to minimize vaccine damage through food and nutrition and an expanded schedule. The book provides a long list of references for further reading for those who wish to further expand their knowledge about vaccines. Finally, the author reminds us that there is a much larger and more ominous threat beyond vaccination. To quote: “The vaccine issue is more than about health. It is also about human rights. If we do nothing, our rights and freedoms will continue to be eroded and eventually eliminated.”

- Stephanie Seneff

Why Read This Book?

The vaccine paradigm is based upon an assumption that injecting a complex mixture of biological and neurotoxic substances will protect humans from infectious disease.

While there is evidence that some vaccines have been effective in the suppression of disease symptoms, the total impact of the artificial stimulation of the human immune system has not been adequately investigated and is not well understood or established.

The artificial immunization program was developed more than two hundred years ago in an era when virtually nothing was known about the impact of injecting complex biochemical substances, foreign DNA, and toxins on organs, the neurological and immune systems, and at the cellular level.

Today, we have irrefutable evidence that the ingredients in vaccines can and do cause harm, even death. This is evidenced by the more than $3.7 billion in compensation paid to vaccine-injured individuals in the United States by the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. And we know this amount represents only a small fraction of the total number of vaccine injury victims who are never acknowledged, much less compensated.

As more evidence of vaccine injury is acknowledged, there is increasing consideration being given by parents and some medical professionals to modify the official CDC vaccine schedule. Is it reasonable to propose a modified or delayed vaccine schedule in response to vaccine injury? Or is it time to question the very basis of the artificial immune stimulation program?

This book is written by a parent and is for parents. I’ve spent more than thirty years reviewing the vaccine literature. ‘Dare to Question’ offers an overview of the many questions and concerns related to the practice of artificial immune stimulation, more commonly referred to as vaccination.

The book is presented in response to the following questions:

  • Vaccinations - Science or Religion?

  • Am I the Only One?

  • Is the Delivery System Safe?

  • Is Vaccine Science Trustworthy?

  • Is the Measles Crisis Real?

  • Is Vaccine Policy Sound?

  • Is the Claim of Safety Valid?

  • Are Vaccines Effective?

  • Is Vaccine History Accurate?

  • Can Vaccine Oversight Be Trusted?

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

  • If Not Vaccines, Then What?

  • Where Can I Get More Information?

18 Facts About Vaccines

Fact 1:

Mandatory vaccination violates the medical ethic of informed consent, the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.

Fact 2:

The United States and Canada have the most aggressive vaccine schedules in the world. The number of recommended vaccines in the US and Canada have more than doubled since 1980. Children can receive as many as 53 doses of 15 vaccines by age 6.

Fact 3:

Canada is the only G7 nation without a national vaccine injury compensation program. If your child is injured by a vaccine in Canada, you are on your own.

Fact 4:

The safety of the current CDC vaccine schedule has never been proven in large, long-term clinical trials. There is increasing evidence that the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits.

Fact 5:

Vaccines have not been tested for their ability to cause cancer, the degree to which a vaccine can damage an organism, their ability to damage genetic information, their ability to change genetic material, or for long-term adverse reactions. Product monographs make this fact clear.

Fact 6:

The current vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety in the real world way in which the schedule is implemented.

Fact 7:

No independent trials confirm the safety of giving multiple vaccinations at once. Research shows a dose-dependent association between the number of vaccines administered at the same time and hospitalization and death.

Fact 8:

No long-term clinical evidence exists that show vaccinated children have better overall health than unvaccinated children.

Fact 9:

There are no clinical studies that show injecting mercury into humans is safe. There is irrefutable evidence that the use of mercury in vaccine production increases the risk of neuro-developmental disorders.

Fact 10:

No clinical studies have been conducted to establish the safety of using aluminum in vaccines. The neurotoxicity of aluminum is well documented, affecting memory, cognition and psychomotor control, and causes damage to the blood brain barrier.

Fact 11:

The amount of aluminum used in vaccines regularly exceeds the maximum amount permitted by the FDA. Two month old babies in Canada, the U.K., U.S and Australia are exposed to 49 - 54 times the current safety limit for aluminum exposure.

Fact 12:

Most vaccine safety trials use control groups consisting of other vaccinated populations or placebos containing aluminum. These are not true placebos. The failure of the pharmaceutical industry to use a neutral placebo undermines the integrity of CDC claims that vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective.

Fact 13:

The US Vaccine Court has awarded more than 3.7 billion dollars in compensation for vaccine injuries and death since 1989. This includes families whose children developed autism following vaccination.

Fact 14:

Artificially stimulated immunity via vaccines is not life long. Disease outbreaks regularly occur in fully vaccinated populations. The need for booster shots makes this self-evident.

Fact 15:

Vaccine pre-license safety trials are not conducted by the government. They are conducted by the vaccine manufacturers who are immune from liability for the safety of their products.

Fact 16:

Vaccine producers Merck and GlaxoSmithKline have paid billions in criminal penalties and settlements for research fraud, faking drug safety studies, failing to report safety problems, bribery, kickbacks, and false advertising.

Fact 17:

The disclosures by CDC senior scientist, Dr. William Thompson, reveal the CDC has known for more than fifteen years that children receiving the MMR vaccine on schedule are significantly more likely to regress into autism compared with children whose parents decided to withhold the vaccine until the child was older.

Fact 18:

In the United States and Canada the rate of autism has increased from less than 1 in 10,000 prior to 1980 to more than 1 in 36 children today. ADHD now affects 1 in 10 children. Genetic disorders do not evolve this quickly. An environmental and human influence is clearly indicated.


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The vaccine issue is more than about health. It is also about human rights. If we do nothing, our rights and freedoms will continue to be eroded and eventually eliminated.

We will lose our right to informed consent and self-determination. We will lose the right and responsibility for medical decision-making for our children. Our access to education, employment, housing, daycare, volunteerism, travel, and government services will be increasingly restricted.

As responsible and conscious parents and citizens, it’s imperative that we claim our rights and responsibilities. This requires more than simply educating ourselves about vaccine injury. What is needed is a ‘call to action’.

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